Welcome to Parbar Publishing

Parbar Publishing

We are a small, independent publishing company based in the North of England. Our authors write adult, Christian non-fiction, children’s fiction and Christian inspired adult fiction.

We distribute all of our books as paperbacks through CreateSpace and Amazon and as eBooks through the Kindle store. We also distribute some eBooks through Kobo, Nook, iBooks, Smashwords and other distributors.

We trust that you will enjoy our publications and will feel confident to recommend them to others.


Free PDFs?

Please be aware that, while Parbar Publishing from time to time offers books on promotion, (including free Kindle eBooks through Amazon), no web site has permission to offer any Parbar publication as a free PDF download. Any site which purports to offer a Parbar eBook as a “Free PDF” – will be a phishing site set up for the sole purpose of relieving you of your email, contact and credit card details and will probably install a virus on your computer into the bargain! Downloader beware!