Snowy Weather

My publisher, David Robertson, has decided that it’s time for our site to have a Blog, so he’s asked me to do it. I have no idea why but it’s fair enough, I suppose – he’s busy running a parish and I have time on my hands… well… that’s the theory…

Actually, I’ve been extremely busy today. This morning I spent ages not falling over in the snow while heating kettle after kettle and pouring the warm water over the outflow-pipe of our condensing boiler. By the time I’d finished, I’d achieved (in no particular order):

  1. A warm glow of satisfaction when the ice within the plastic pipe  succumbed and flooded down the drain, enabling the boiler to fire.
  2. A warm embrace from Mrs D plus a hot toddy, sympathy and a respite from her current requests to redecorate the lavatory.
  3. A  snowball in the ear from the delightful grandchild of our next-door neighbour.
  4. An interesting ice-rink where the path used to be – the warm water having frozen at my feet.

In case you’re wondering, I responded to said neighbour’s grandchild through the medium of dance – turning suddenly, then sailing gracefully across my newly formed ice-rink on one leg while artistically lobbing the kettle into the laurels before completing an untutored plie which both brought me to a halt and avoided our dog’s morning contribution to the lawn.

It is my belief that the child next door was impressed, although, I must admit, the echo of laughter was probably evidence to the contrary. Belief, however, is often unsupported by evidence; and as a man of faith I know which side I prefer my bread to be buttered.

Anyway, as I mentioned, my publisher seems to think that I might have something to say for this Blog.

As I’ve also said, I have no idea why.

JB (Duncan)



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