Wheels within Wheels

A friend of mine (let’s call him Charlie) recently noticed that one of the tyres on his car was deflating. Nothing radical – just a pound or two per week – to start with. Then it began to deflate more quickly. Eventually, fed up with constantly re-inflating the tyre, he took it to his local garage.

The mechanic tested the tyre. He tested the valve. He tested the seal between the tyre and the rim. All was in order.

The problem, apparently, was that the aluminium hub had become porous. The mechanic advised that one shouldn’t keep the wheels outside…

So Charlie visited his local scrap yard, bought a wheel hub that looked OK and paid the garage to swap the tyres.

Result? Total success… until yesterday when he noticed that two of the tyres on the remaining (original) wheel hubs were slowly deflating…

It seems to me that there are several solutions to this problem:

  1. The romantic solution. If your car has aluminium wheels, don’t leave them outside. Take them off your car when you’re not driving it. Maybe create a little bedroom for them in your house… tuck them in… read them a story and bid them a soft goodnight.
  2. The Boy Scout solution. Buy spare wheels from a scrap yard and keep them in your garage for when the originals give up the ghost.
  3. The philosophical solution. Be cynical & skeptical about every claim made by the car companies.

It also seems to me that these solutions may not be mutually exclusive…


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