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David Robertson has been an ordained minister in the Church of England for over 30 years and is currently vicar

of  Christ Church South Ossett. Ten years ago he began to write Christian non-fiction professionally for BRF.

 Marriage: Restoring our Vision

First published by BRF (2005) this book is now available as a paperback or eBook.

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 This book aims to restore our vision of God’s created purpose for marriage. It allows the Bible to shed light on both our inherited cultural values and our contemporary Christian assumptions. Linking with the vows in the Marriage Service, it examines biblical principles and challenges current practice. The book also unpacks difficult issues such as cohabitation, divorce and remarriage.

Entertaining, thought provoking and stimulating, this book can be read by an individual, used as the basis for a Bible study group or as the foundation for a teaching series. The ideas and images used will communicate clearly to young and old, whether single, married or divorced. For all those wanting to think about the subject, it will help them to discover God’s pattern for married life.

 The original paperback is now out of print but used copies are available from various sources.

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Risking Romance Again – dating after divorce

Published by friendsfirst (2006) this book takes an honest look, from a Christian perspective, at dating after divorce. It sensitively raises issues that distort new friendships, identifies the root cause of difficult situations, and encourages those who have experienced broken relationships to move forward constructively. Shot through with wisdom and humour, it explores the challenges facing divorcees, single people dating them, and concerned friends or family. An essential read for anyone risking romance again.

David Robertson was divorced after 18 years of marriage. He was the lone parent of 4 children for 5 years and is now happily remarried after meeting his second wife through the Christian friendship agency friendsfirst.


Collaborative Ministry; What is is, how it works and why.

Second Edition with 2016 Reflections + example Team Descriptions.

Available as a paperback or eBook.

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. First published by BRF (2007) this book sets out to define Collaborative Ministry. It comprehensively explores the theology and practice of this style of ‘being church’, considering the implications for churches both large and small. A central section provides foundational Bible studies, unpacking the themes of authority, acceptance and covenant, while the appendix of photocopiable group study material offers help for churches considering a collaborative approach.

David Robertson has ministered in rural, suburban and urban deprived areas, developing collaborative ministry for the past 25 years in two very different parts of the country.

 The original paperback is now out of print but a few new and used copies

are available from various sources.

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David Robertson

All of David’s writing is Christian based. He writes non-fiction, and fiction under his own name and the pen-names of Riach Wilson and JB Duncan.