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Christian witness to the Gospel of Peace

in a Culture of Conflict

RS Robertson


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This academic dissertation examines the tension between witness to a gospel of peace and the conflict that arises as a direct result of that witness, and unpacks the thinking behind peaceable witness as an individual and as a community. It provides an overview of theological thought, engages with the contemporary situation, and is offered for the use of students and thinkers who wish to consider this subject in an academic way.

About the Author

RS Robertson graduated from Edinburgh University in 2008 with a first class degree in Divinity. She contributed to ‘communities of peaceably different witness’ in Lebanon, India and South Africa and is now based in the United Kingdom where she works as a professional musician.

Marriage and Divorce in the Hebrew Tradition

David Robertson


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The full title of this 9,000 word academic essay is: The Concepts of Marriage and Divorce in the Hebrew Tradition, their growth and development to their form at the time of Jesus. It was written in 1980, and provided the foundational thinking that developed into Marriage: restoring our vision.

It is offered as a Kindle eBook to students and readers who wish to study this subject in detail..